Explanation of the System's Patent Application


As is known, the very low (VLF) and ultra low (ULF) frequency electrical load emissions of the earth have been measured for two years. The measurements, taken by monopolar probes with spherical capacity are being analyzed by specially-designed signal processors and this data is being used in conjunction with the data collected prior to earthquakes which have occurred, in order to determine the approximate time and place of potential earthquakes.

A similar project was started in Greece a few years ago. Greek scientists inserted electrodes into the ground, but since the ground properties change for various reasons, the study was not successful. This project carried out by the Greek scientists, is called the VAN Method and is still ongoing. However, we provided important data on forecasting the approximate time and place of potential earthquakes using the method developed by our project group. This method has been under testing for the last two years and the measurements are being taken in the lower atmosphere, close to the earth's surface. This method was initiated five years ago and the first patent application was made on November 26, 1999. The current system was optimized by means of the size and location of the probe and is still under development. We have tried more than a hundred load measurement systems which used electro-mechanical and electrical methods until the probe progressed to its present stage.

Earthquakes are a common problem for all mankind and it is of vital importance to support research activities concerning them. Our project, where the aforementioned spherical electrodes are used to measure the earth's load emissions and determine the changes that take place before earthquakes occur, has a patent application with registration number TPE 1999/02911. Changing the physical dimensions of equipment using the same method does not necessarily change the method itself. Thus, any kind of similar or imitated usage is subject to our license. Any local or foreign person or association should apply to ITU Research Fund in writing in order to obtain the licence rights. If this is not done, we will pursue the matter legally.